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Wireless Portable PA System LoudMouth by Ritron


The LoudMouth Wireless PA Speaker System by Ritron offers a cost-effective long range wireless PA communication system utilizing two way radios. A portable, mobile, or base station two way radio transmits to the LoudMouth wireless PA speaker system, which re-broadcasts your transmission within a two mile radius from the transmitting radio.

The LoudMouth Wireless PA System is the ideal solution anywhere a hard-wired PA system is simply impossible or when it is too expensive to route wire between the desired locations or if the application is temporary. The LoudMouth wireless PA system eliminates trenching while reducing installation costs. It allows personnel to use a portable 2-way radio, base station, or mobile radio to deliver "live" voice messages directly to the PA speaker, from up to 2 miles away (range based on line-of-sight, no obstructions. Range can be extended with a repeater or two way LTR trunking system, at additional cost)

The LoudMouth Wireless PA Speaker System consists of a 1 channel radio receiver, flex antenna, a rechargeable emergency back-up battery, a 110VAC power supply, and a separate PA horn/ speaker that attaches to the receiver. Both the receiver and the PA are activated by the two way radio. The radio serves as a microphone and allows "live" voice messages to be delivered to the PA system from long range, i.e. across the factory floor or from across a parking lot.

Benefits of the LoudMouth PA Wireless Speaker System:

*No trenching. No extensive wiring
*Reduces PA installation costs
*Installs virtually anywhere
*Improves communication, safety/ security and productivity
*Easy add-on to existing radio systems
*Accessible from long range, up to 2+ miles
*Loud, PA horn speaker - 95dB SPL@ 50 feet
*PC and field programmable
*Can be configured for multiple zones
*110VAC operation (power supply included)
*Rechargeable back-up battery (included)


*Field programmable frequencies - 26 frequencies available on VHF (better for outdoor use and where the receiver and transmitter are not in line of sight to one another) and 77 frequencies available on UHF (better for building use or combined applications with building and outdoor use)
*Field programmable privacy codes (digital and analog) Choose from 153 possible codes for added PA security access
*Field programmable "paging codes" Select 1 of 9 different paging codes for added PA security access
*Each model can also be programmed to a custom frequency, a privacy code and paging code using dealer only programming software
*Field programmable to 5 different volume setting. Allows best-fit for a variety of applications
*9 auto speaker reset timer selections (5 seconds up to 4 minutes). After receiver is successfully paged a pre-set timer will begin to count down, a valid radio signal must be received before the receiver re-sets.
*VHF/UHF industrial grade receiver is small, lightweight, and housed in a rugged, sealed, weather-resistant housing. Includes a wall mounting bracket. Receiver should be mounted in a protected area away from the elements (7"h x 5" w x 3" d, 2 lbs).
*Rechargeable back-up battery automatically provides power to the receiver in case of power failure. Enables an additional 8 hours of communication over the PA speaker, at a reduced audio output level.
*One LoudMouth can support up to 2 separate Ritron PA horn speakers in parallel for additional PA coverage.
*System allows for multiple paging zones so portable radio can access more than one PA speaker/ zone.
*The indoor or outdoor PA horn speaker delivers 95dB of audio output @ 50 feet, so even in noisy environments, you can get your message out loud and clear.
*Operating temperature is -22F - +140F
*Receiver sensitivity .20uV @12dB SINAD
*Frequency response - 300 to 3000 Hz de-emphasized
*Signaling - CTCSS and DCS decode, 2-tone decode, and optional DTMF (touch-tone) decode

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  • Manufactured by: Ritron

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