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Two-Way Radio Trunked Airtime Communication System


Pro2Way.Com affiliates own and maintain several repeater systems throughout the New York City and New Jersey area. These repeater systems utilize trunking technology, allowing for enhanced communication over point-to-point communication. Point-to-point communication is suitable for small areas, such as schools, golf courses, and other single location business outfits.

However, businesses with drivers who may cover long distances may benefit from placement on a two-way radio trunking system. This allows such a business to use the repeaters owned and maintained by affiliates of Pro2Way.Com to communicate between a centralized base station location and their drivers or construction site operators.

The installation of a base station can be purchased separately from this site, and may be installed with any of the available base station manufacturers listed, including Kenwood, Ritron, and Icom.

Two-way radio trunking communications are billed on a monthly basis at $25.00 per unit per month. Very large operations may qualify for a monthly volume discount.

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