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Two Way Text Messaging Pager From USA Mobility


Stay in touch with this wireless two way text pager from USA Mobility. Send text messages in situations where having a cell phone may not be allowed. Doctors and attorneys would benefit from using a two way pager, as they often do not have access to or may not use their cell phone. Situations like emergencies or when immediate assistance is needed, and a quick text message can answer an important question, would be best served by using this two way text pager.

Attorneys, taxi drivers, IT service personnel, and members of the emergency services have been known to continue to use pagers even with the prevalence and proliferation of cell phone usage.

Attorneys have also been known to use two way pagers instead of cell phones, since in most courtrooms, cell phones must be turned off. Pagers can be an excellent way to keep in touch when court is in session and the cell phone is off.

Doctors who are on call find a two way pager to be indispensable, since they can send off a quick text message when they are needed at a moment's notice, or if a quick question needs to be answered about a patient or other situation.

An additional benefit of two way text pagers is their security. While cell phone messages can be somewhat easily intercepted, messages sent via a two way text pager are secure. This way, sensitive data remains secure.

For many industries, a two way text messaging pager is more discreet than a cell phone, and they feature a full keyboard and the ability to send and receive text messages, and to send and receive emails. Wireless two way text messaging pagers also generally have a lower monthly airtime cost than most wireless cell phones, and the only feature not present is the ability to make an actual phone call. It may be more cost effective in certain instances to have a cell phone for making calls only, and a two way text messaging pager to send text and email.

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