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Two Way Radio & GPS Applications - Who Uses 2 Way & GPS?

Many businesses and commercial operations can benefit from using two way radios and vehicle tracking and mapping systems. Two way radios and GPS tracking devices can enhance communication among a large or small fleet, enhance warehouse communication and productivity, increase security at smaller schools and large college campuses, increase reliability of search and rescue operations, along with many other uses.

For rigorous usage, such as in a warehouse, factory, or on construction sites, there are several two way radios which are built to military standards for durability, weather, and drop resistance.

In some instances, a previously manned area can be controlled by a two way radio device such as a call box (or wireless intercom system). These wireless intercom systems can be used to open an electrically operated gate system, open a door, or turn on or off a switch. Other call boxes are available which can be used to remotely call for help. This can be useful in situations with students, where the principal may need to call for assistance from campus security, or where guests in unmanned areas are in need of assistance. The wireless intercom systems can provide an excellent way to provide manpower or assistance only when needed, such as on a golf course or in a retail store, thus increasing productivity while lowering costs.

Vehicle tracking and GPS devices also use two way radios or two way radio frequencies to locate a vehicle and transmit the location data to a central computer location, such as where the base station is located. This allows for more direct control of a vehicle fleet, and helps employers to control costs incurred unnecessarily by employees (such as unscheduled stops, unauthorized breaks, or simply to help employees to choose a better route to a job for their next trip). It also provides a useful way to track vehicle usage and mileage in order to more efficiently schedule required maintenance such as tune-ups and oil changes for the vehicles.

Some of the many uses for Two Way Radios

Power Stations Power Plants Factories
Car Services Construction Education
City, State, && Federal Government Fire, Search, & Rescue Hospitality
Health Care Law Enforcement Security
Human Services Manufacturing Petrochemical
Retail Service Providers Transportation & Logistics
Utilities Wholesale Distribution Public Safety
Landscaping Design Services
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