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Trunked Two Way Radio Coverage Maps

Pro2Way.comô offers two way radios and accessories from several major manufacturers, such as Kenwood and Ritron. Nearly every radio sold on this site can be placed on the two way radio systems maintained by several of our affiliates in New York City and New Jersey. Businesses whose employees travel a lot, such as car services, ambulettes, towing companies, and others, would likely benefit from placement on the trunked two way radio communications system.

The trunked radio systems maintained by our affiliates provide fast and reliable communication between drivers and the base station, which is generally located at the business' main location. There are also situations in which businesses without drivers can benefit from using a trunked radio system.

Trunked radio systems can also be utilized by construction businesses with several construction sites. This enables all of the construction sites to be able to communicate with one another over a greater distance. Even if a construction business has only one site that is far from the central office location, a trunked radio system would prove useful.

Another example of a business type that would benefit from using a two way radio system would be shipping companies or warehouse distribution companies with warehouses located across town or far from one another. A trunked radio system allows for these warehouses to keep in touch with the central office location as well as with the other warehouses.

In addition to the distance factor, two way radio systems have additional advantages over other forms of communication. In emergency situations, they allow for instant contact with the base station or central business or office location, without waiting for someone to answer the phone or compose a text message back to the person experiencing an emergency. This allows for help to be dispatched much more quickly than with other wireless devices. For companies concerned about cost, the trunked radio systems offered by Pro2Way.comô's affiliates are more cost effective than most wireless phone companies currently offering service. Thus, using two way radio systems can be beneficial to the bottom line of many businesses.

Below, you will find coverage maps for the two way radio systems offered by our affiliates. For a larger image, you can click on the thumbnail image. The legend for the colors in the maps is located at the bottom of the page, and can also be enlarged by clicking on it. For any questions regarding the two way radio systems offered, you may use the contact form located on the home page.

Staten Island Coverage Maps

Two Way Radio Trunking Coverage Maps
Todt Hill Coverage Map

New Jersey Coverage Maps

Two Way Radio Martinsville Coverage Map
Martinsville, NJ Coverage Map

Two Way Radio Perrineville Coverage Map
Perrineville, NJ Trunked Two Way Coverage Map

Two Way Trunked Marlboro Coverage Map
Marlboro, NJ Trunked Two Way Coverage Map

two way trunked Belle Meade coverage map
Belle Meade NJ Trunked Two Way Coverage Map

two way radio trunked coverage map edison nj
Edison NJ Trunked Two Way Radio Coverage Map

Two way radio trunked service coverage map Lakewood NJ
Lakewood NJ Trunked Two Way Radio Coverage Map

Trunked Two Way Radio Coverage Map Legend

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