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QuickTalk Wireless Intercom

With the push of a button, Ritron can help bring order to an unruly situation, making your campus safer for students and staff. Without monthly fees, Ritron's wireless system provides instant alerting directly to 2-way radio equipped school security staff, administrators or teachers.

It all starts with the innovative QuickTalk voice alerting transmitter. At the push of the button or with any switch closure, it sends your pre-recorded voice message directly to 2-way radio equipped security staff or other administrative personnel. The system enables instant alerting so staff members can take immediate action whenever disturbances or emergencies occur.

QuickTalk tells you when and where immediate assistance is required. your pre-recorded messages, such as "assistance needed - Principal's office" are instantly transmitted to VHF or UHF radios up to a mile away. This wireless technology is based on airtime free systems with no monthly fees.

The button is hard wired to the QuickTalk voice alarm transmitter and can be installed on a desk, under a counter, or on any surface. Ideally, the button is installed in administrative offices or wherever instant alerting is needed. The QuickTalk is powered externally or uses standard AA alkaline batteries. The unit will operate for thousands of transmissions using battery power. It is easily concealed.

Control unauthorized access

Effective security means controlled access. During classroom hours, all doors should be locked except the monitored main entrance. Unfortunately, doors can be propped open for unauthorized access. The solution is a low cost door sensor wired to the QuickTalk voice alarm transmitter. The QuickTalk is activated only after the door remains open for a predetermined interval. When activated, the unit broadcasts your custom voice message in any language, using any code words to all 2-way radio equipped staff.

For nearly 30 years Ritron has been designing and manufacturing communication products for professionals worldwide. All Ritron products work together as a system and are fully compatible with virtually any other two way radio.

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